"It's never too late to follow your dreams"

Anchelique is the Head Trainer and has a background of
10 years as professional dancing in London, crafting her passion for dance, self expression, it’s no wonder you feel like a
dancer through her creative sequencing. She had an adventure signing contracts for jobs all over the world, from music
videos for Madonna, MTV award shows for Gwen Stefani and Whitney Houston, to fashion shows for Adidas & Nike, even
all the way to India for unforgettable Bollywood Movies. As exhilaratingly varied, colourful and thrilling life was, it was also
exhaustingly competitive, which eventually led her to Yoga. Since 2005, she studied Bikram and Ashtanga and then fell in
love with Vinyasa Flow when she moved to Sydney. Yoga slowly became her new passion, a place of peace and quiet.
Finding acceptance and love for herself without all the expectations and built up pressure throughout the years of fierce
competition auditions, she realised that happiness comes from realising your potential, doing what you truly love and being
able to contribute that to the world. ‘’’Fear is an emotion that will either keep you procrastinating or fuel your driving force to
move forward, confidence can only come from being TRUE to yourself.

Anchelique is an E-RYT 500hr yoga alliance certified teacher, trained with TRIBE in Thailand, 500hr with Doug Swenson in the US, YIN yoga with The Yoga People in London. She is the Co Founder of Malta’s Best Boutique Fitness and Yoga Studio FREEMYME and is known as the teachers teacher, sharing
her own authentic style of creative dynamic vinyasa flow, including handstand classes, restorative, prenatal, dance classes and
regularly travels to host retreats and workshops around Europe. She’s warm, encouraging and will patiently help you find
your own individual definition of yoga, with emphasis on freedom and courage to accept ourselves as we are and to create a
life of happiness around us. Her classes are passionately taught with clear instructions and hands on adjustments to help
you deepen your practice. Anchelique’s approach to yoga is one that honours the need for individual self study with the aim
of improving interpersonal relations and common-unity. By combing asana, meditation and pranayama, Anchelique provides
an opportunity to explore the Spiritual through the Physical, she works to bring the study of yoga off the mat and into the
practice of Life. "Yoga is a way to focus within, and by doing so expand our awareness, bringing increased responsibility to
live in alignment with the men and women we came here to be.”




Bryn is our Anatomy Teacher  and is absolutely brilliant in making the lectures easily  absorbed , interesting and fun! Bryn introduced Pilates to Malta back in 2000 with UK based Body Control Pilates. Initially over for just 3 months, he is still here 13 years later A Sport Science graduate of Loughborough University he is currently in the 4th year, reading a Masters in Osteopathy at the London School of Osteopathy. Renown for delivering brutal and creative classes Bryn is also highly experienced in helping rehabilitation from musculoskeletal and mechanical pain.