I loved doing my YTT with you, you have a very specials energy around you. The small group made it a very intimate experience and we all shared with each other. Now 1,5 years later my fondest memories are of the discussions that the topics sparked, and how you created an atmosphere where I felt there was no stupid questions and everyone was accepted as they are. Great integration between the spiritual and physical themes, as it didn't feel like they were two separate things but one Yoga. Anyone can teach asana but your YTT goes so much deeper than that. It planted a seed to learn more, question things externally and internally, and live yoga every moment. No judgement, just love.


This month marks a year from the beginning of my yoga journey with Anchelique Fjœre. Choosing the right yoga teacher is crucial for your yoga practice. The teacher must identify your strengths and limitations, must know when to push you and when to take a step back. And most important is the teacher’s kindness and willingness to share ️ Your teacher will not solve your life problems and will not do your work. The teacher will show you the light and guide you towards it which, is no easy task. However the effort has to come from both student and teacher. I have been lucky because I crossed paths with someone that has all these qualities and that is so in sync with me. We committed to this journey and have been inspiring and motivating each other ever since. Cheers Anchelique to many more vinyasas, arm balances, twists and backbends  I’m very grateful.


Anchelique is an incredibly inspiring and humble teacher, her knowledge and understanding of yoga and it’s philosophy is vast. Anchelique teaches from the heart and is authentic in every way. She encourages you to develop your own teaching style and practice in a warm & friendly learning environment. I loved our open discussions in the sunshine, from shiva & Shakti to pranayama and adjustments.   I left Ancheliques TT in Malta feeling confident and empowered, she gave me all the tools to believe in myself once again not only as a teacher but also for just being me. I am forever grateful to Anchelique for the incredible life changing experience I had on her TT and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Anchelique and her training to anyone looking to further their own practice or wanting to teach yoga.